Kite Tour Europe in Caste ...
Beautiful and warm people is the main character of this Mr.Chuck spanish mission.

During this final appointment of the European Kite Tour, (...)
Kite Tour Europe -HOLLAND ...

The Chupa Kite Team and his mentor Mr.Chuck landed in Scheveningen, Den Haag, Holland.

Thanks to the Boss, our group can count now on the efforts of the gold member from the zoo, the Kite Zoo: J (...)

Chupa Chups, forever an icon of fun, positivity and self-irony, a devotee of the brilliant Life Less Serious philosophy that invites everyone to take things easier and smile more often.

And Advance Kites, a company made up of engineers and designers, focusing on research technology, testing of new materials and aerodynamic profiles, resulting in a series of new performance barriers breached every year when it comes to Kite Surfing.

Could these two realities understand one day that they are effectively two sides of the same coin?

According to our guru Mr Chuck:

The result is a new philosophy and kite surfers who are more relaxed and enjoying life.

A Chupa Chups kites team member, in fact, no longer has to show how technically flawless he is or able to perform the most extreme tricks; instead he just has to concentrate purely on the fun aspects in doing this amazing sport. No more tough-guy staring on the beach, it’s time to smile with the Kite Less Serious.

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Thank you.